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Video for improving teaching skills

Author: Chandrasekharan Praveen


In recent times, teacher training institutions have begun to employ technological aids for the purpose of teacher training. One extremely popular method for    teacher training is video modelling, and video-based student feed back.

 What is video modelling?

Video modelling is a teaching method that has been shown to be effective in teaching an innovative teaching method. Video modelling involves video taping an individual or multiple people modelling specific behaviors (e.g., demonstrating the Sturctural Oral Sitational Approach, The Direct Method or demonstration of the  skills of questioning, eliciting responses, giving  instructions etc.During video modelling, an action is performed by the model, the trainees view that model on the TV or computer screen, and the trainees later while engaging a class imitates the behavior of the model.

 How video modelling helps the teacher educator?

Though replacing a live teacher with a TV screen, might appear irrational, there are several advantages. Many demonstrations are time-consuming to prepare. By videotaping teacher demonstrations, the teacher has two big advantages: First, they can  avoid the repeated ground work for engaging a demonstration class and second,  the teacher can  perfect his/ her model demonstration by editing together the best parts of multiple recordings.

 What is video-based student feed back?

The video of a trainee teaching when recorded from different angles,  will help the trainee realize the drawbacks of ones own teaching. When viewed with peers, the  trainee gets an opportunity to objectively review ones own teaching and improve ones transaction in the classroom through healthy criticism.  Finally repeated video recording can help the trainee self evaluate own teaching!

 The Pedagogical scope of employing video for teaching

Teaching we know comprises several skills. To become an effective teacher one has to master a number of teaching skills.Video recording of the following, demonstrated or transacted by the teacher educator or the trainee and group viewing with comments  by pausing at different stages of a lesson can help trainees improve their teaching skill.

*  Reinforcement   *  Questioning skill  * Skill of motivation  *  Stimulus variation

 * Use of chalk board/teaching aids  *  Class room communication

* Review stage of a lesson  * Dealing with disruptive students

* Defects merits during group work/ pair work given in the class

Used imaginatively video can be employed for several other purposes too.

 How teacher educators can use video recordings of classes by trainees

The teacher educators can watch the classes recorded on video and  at their leisure, look for strengths and weaknesses while recalling the actual class performance.

 How trainees can benefit by video recording of their classes

There are several advantages:

* Trainees gain from   critical feedback.

* Trainees become aware of their short comings

* The video  becomes the basis of an   intensive evaluation.

 How viewers can benefit from the video recordings of classes by trainees

Classes recorded on video can be used  for peer feedback and review and thereby to improve teaching.




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