"Jerry Waxman - Adventurer" Jerry Waxman, M.A., B.S., B.B.A. is an adventurer, a traveler, a writer, and an educator. He is creating the WorldsWays information and entertainment network to "empower the world with knowledge."
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This website is for teachers. Not just any teacher . . . Thinking teachers; . . . women and men who have seen combat in the trenches of our education systems and know deep in their hearts that "we can do better".

The best teachers in the world are the greatest learners. This is the place for us to learn from each other.

Teaching Expertise - Success leaves clues.

My name is Gerald Waxman. My family and friends call me "Jerry." My students call me all sorts of things, but they also know me as "Jerry." I've been teaching in various capacities on and off for about 35 years, maybe more. . . Probably more (hmm..) . . . Anyway, it's not the length of experience that counts. And it's not the quantity of hours we put in. It's the quality of our teaching that counts.

>A moment to brag< My students always get top quality learning experiences when I am their teacher. Students and teachers alike notice that I get better performance from my students than other teachers. That's because I have an arsenal of secret teaching weapons.ha ha

It's true, you know. You have teaching weapons, too. Stick with me and I'll show them to you.

>A moment of gratitude and humility<I've really had a very fair share of "peak teaching moments," and I'm very grateful for that. I know that you've had some, too. That's why we're here. We're going to talk about our greatest classroom adventures. We're going to inspire each other to have more and better "peak teaching moments."

Why? - - - Because our great teaching moments are good for our students and good for the world we live in. [and they're a natural high for us, but let's keep that to ourselves.]

Which brings me to the goal of this website . . In a nutshell -- the world is crying out for better teachers and better teaching. And you will be a more valuable teacher by sharing things with like-minded teachers.

How? . . .Well, let's outline what you get here:

  • Membership is FREE
  • All the features of this website, including " articles on teaching ," and "teaching resources" are FREE
    Only members can discuss the articles.
  • You get a free subscription to a quarterly educational publication, "WorldsWays Teaching Journal" (More on this later)
  • The best teachers in the world, including you, share anecdotes about amazing classroom adventures.
  • Interact with other teachers worldwide who share your concerns and want to share in your success.
  • Publish your research articles in "WorldsWays Teaching Journal." (More on this later)
  • We're just starting. There's lots more stuff to come.
  • There's a surprise bonus when you sign on to the "Active Minds" newsletter.

Long Story Short

Let's you and I make things better in this world, okay? We - teachers - are at the very core of life on this planet. What we do matters -- it matters a lot. So let's do it right. Let's be better teachers. Let's do better teaching. Let's work together to improve ourselves AND improve things around us. We are teachers; that is what we do. Subscribe to "Active Minds" and get ready for adventure. (Because that's what being a teacher is -- an adventure.)

See you in-between classes. . . . Keep a smile on your face and a dance in your feet.


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