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Some Fun And Helpful Dora The Explorer Games

By Jared Winston

If your child is a Dora the Explorer fan, you probably have bought, or are planning to buy, any of the available Dora the Explorer games. These games are educational in nature, just like the TV show itself, and help children develop their abilities while having fun. There is a whole line of Dora the Explorer games designed that are designed to focus specifically on certain skill sets of your children.

For children aged 3+, I recommend the fun Color Forms game. It helps your little kids recognize important concepts as color and form, and even numbers. This easy game’s goal is to collect all different colored pieces and get to Abuela’s house. Children can choose between four different characters (Dora, Boots, Tico the squirrel and Isa the Iguana), and can be played in three different ways: By colors (age 3+), by numbers (age 4+) and even by both colors and numbers (recommended for age 6+). The game’s cards are big enough to appeal any child, and they contain descriptions in both English and Spanish. As all Dora the Explorer games, your children will sometimes face the villainous fox Swiper, who will try to steal all of the collected colored forms from your kids. This game is especially interesting if there are three or more players.

For single players, you should probably choose a Dora the Explorer videogame. These games keep your kids entertained while helping then develop their skills. I recommend the Lost City Adventure videogame (for kids aged 3-6), in which your kid must help Dora find her missing favorite teddy bear. Dora and Boots must travel to the Lost City, the magic place where every lost object ends up. In the way, Dora will also help some of her friends find their lost items. This game helps your children develop his/her thinking and math abilities, as well as his/her problem solving skills.

Another great videogame in the Dora the Explorer games series is the FairyTale Adventures videogame. In this game, your child will help Dora in her quest to wake Boots from a magic spell. In order to do so, Dora must become a true princess! The game will take your preschooler kid in a journey through Fairy Tale Land, where classic fairy tales take place. Dora’s quest to become a princess involves puzzle solving and also playing songs from the TV show. This game will allow your child to improve his/her puzzle solving abilities and thinking skills. The game’s play pack even includes a small cute Dora the Explorer doll.

Of course, there are a lot more Dora the Explorer games available to choose from. They represent a great way for your children to learn and improve useful skills. Bringing home an educational Dora the Explorer game for your children will not only be a great surprise for them, but will also be highly beneficial for their development. Besides, children just love Dora the Explorer games!

Copyright © Jared Winston, 2006. All Rights Reserved.

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