15 February 2011

Jerry Waxman M.A., B.S., B.B.A.
is an adventurer, a traveler, a writer, and an educator. He is creating the WorldsWays information and entertainment network.

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About Articles of Teaching and Education

by Jerry Waxman

This website is dedicated to becoming the greatest repository of quality articles on education and teaching in the world. Our purpose is simple: We want to be the place where teachers will learn from other teachers . . . real teachers. We aim to be the place where real teachers are free to exhibit their skills – they can teach and impart wisdom to other teachers.

This website is not connected with or limited by any educational institution or enterprise. We freely publish articles and research papers that may go against the grain of “common wisdom.” This is because what often passes for common wisdom is not wisdom at all, but rather adherence to conventional thinking and practices regardless of their outcome.

This website is for teachers who, while they may have little or no faith in the education system, still maintain that education is the most valuable assett of any individual. It is also the most valuable assett of any society. We, as educators, carry the most enormous responsibility of any profession. It is time for us to realize this. And when our societies come to recognize teachers as skilled professionals and informed leaders, we must be worthy of that recognition.

This website has a number of features to help bring us to our goal.

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